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A Stupendous Victory

16th May of 2014; we witnessed a spectacular revolution in Indian Politics. We as well as the world will never forget this day. The golden words of glory is already been imprinted in the book of History. I need not say more.

A dream has come true after waiting for more than 15 years. But it’s not alone BJP’s victory; it’s the humiliating death of Congress I have always longed for. I hated Nehuru-Gandhi led Congress ever since I knew of Indian Politics and I wished them out of the house. And here we are, the wish lived & conquered.

As Paulo Coelho quoted “If you really desire something with your heart & soul, the entire universe conspires you achieving it”. Yes, it’s a no achievement of mine but BJP alone. But it’s a great satisfaction for my heart & soul; I LIVED EVERY SECOND OF THAT GLORIOUS DAY TO ITS FULLEST!! It’s The Stupendous Victory of my Hatredness. My deep desire of their death has finally paid off. My heart full thanks to the entire universe that joined the bandwagon of their death parade.

Oh wait there’s a twist in the Tale.

But am I as happy as I thought I would be? Did I celebrate it the way I thought I would? No, Not really. I don’t hate anyone anymore. The hatredness died that day after. I still believe their soul is completely contaminated with filth, But I can’t hate them anymore. I don’t pity them but I don’t hate them anymore either.

Hatredness is an ugly feeling. It haunts you every second of its existence. I would be lying if I say I liked the feeling. Though, somehow my soul is now free from that grimy feeling and I don’t think I can hate anyone ever. Hurrayy that’s a jackpot indeed. 😀

P.S. I Congratulate Mr. Narendra Modi for this astounding win!


An Apology Letter

Dear Mahatma Gandhi,

Please accept my sincere apologies as I have hated you all my life. It’s been almost 15 years, me & my father always debate about you being a man of honour or not. I never accepted his arguments to honour you as “Mahatma”. In fact I never said a word in your honour. But now when I go home, I’ll tell him The Debate is Over.

But why I hated you?

I have always hated Congress & the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty all my life and I still hate them for all the facts I gathered from Books, Articles, People & my reasoning mind. So it’s obvious that I hated you too, as they are from your bloodline. We would have achieved independence in a more noble way, had you not supported Jawaharalal Nehru so much.

But I have now learnt of JN’s treachery & your late realization of his wicked intentions.

The second reason I hated you is for the misdeeds Netaji Bose had to face because of you. When Netaji declared war against British, you decided not to support him because it was an act of violence. Seriously? Sometimes it’s essential to be a bit aggressive rather than standing firm & taking a hit.

But now I totally understand the approach of Indian society & can relate it’s influence on your decisions as well. Thanks to Google & the speech by Mr Rajiv Dixit. ( Videos-Rajiv Dixit on Mahatma Gandhi & on Brain Drain.)

Third reason, I am not sure if you were aware that Netaji Bose’s death was not an accident, he was killed or probably abducted. I always suspected it but now I am sure of how Netaji must have died or abducted & also can guess who probably set him up, after listening to Mr. Dixit’s speech. I have read many mentions of JN’s relationship with British & his intentions to be the PM of India and how he played his cards. The speech says it all, candid & clear. (Video named- Nehuru died of STD)

Now I take all these allegations back & I am sorry I judged you for the handful of crooks you kept company with.

Today, I honour you for being a Freedom Fighter, A Leader and a true Son of the Soil.

Having said that, I also have three reasons why I cannot hold you as the father of our nation or as a man who led us in winning Independence –

  1. We haven’t really got Independence
  2. We got our mother back but Broken & Paralyzed
  3. Your experiments with Truth & Non-violence

I am sorry but It had to be said. My honest apologies again for all false allegations I held upon you. May your soul rest in peace!

Yours sincerely,

P.S.: Rajiv Dixit was a great man of honour. He was very intelligent & political sound. Alas, In 2010 they poisoned him as well. Youtube his speeches & you will know lots of facts, which you would have never thought of or probably assumed.

& Much thanks to @advancedmaushi for helping me grammatically correct. 🙂