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Barfi (Bollywood Movie)

Barfiii.. I love this movie. Allegations of plagiarism doesn’t affect me at all. I love the movie irrespective. The movie is so beautiful & unique of its own kind, especially with the captures of the Great Charlie Chaplin. 
Cant ignore to a fact that It’s a creation of someone whose mind reached to the complete understanding about LOVE. The entire movie is about Love, with no existence of reason & physical beauty. It’s a Love Story filled with innocent Love. It’s a tragic love story filled with Innocence & Love. It’s a story of Survival with Innocent Love.

The reason we must be grateful to Anurag Basu is coz He captured all of those Innocence of Love into a film.. BARFI. A Discreet & Independent Love beyond Reasons!

Barfi. Do watch this. It is the Real Bollywood.


I have been running from something, I have been running for something.. all the time. It never escaped me, I never went past it. It has been there in me ever since I learnt to think and it’s still there. But the only difference is now I know what it is. it is the Fear.. It’s this constant Fear I feel in me all the time. Fear of what, Fear for what I didn’t know. I didn’t even know it was ‘Fear’. It took a long time to figure out, there isn’t any particular thing i Fear about.. It’s almost everything. 
Fear of Past, Fear for Future; Fear of Death, Fear for Life; Fear of Today, Fear for Tomorrow; Fear of Failure, Fear for Success; Fear of this, Fear for that.. In short it’s probably, Fear of Self and Fear for Self. 
I don’t know how do i get rid of this Fear.. But i’ll figure this out too.

An Excerpt

Book: Fountain Head
Author: Ayn Rand

“Then he lay without moving, straight and limp, like a man long past the stage of suffering, Roark stood at the window, looking at the wrenched room and at the boy on the bed. He wondered why he felt as if he were waiting. He was waiting for an explosion over their heads. It seemed senseless. Then he understood.

He thought, this is how men feel, trapped in a shell hole; this room is not an accident of poverty, it’s the footprint of a war, its the devastation torn by explosives more vicious than any stored in the arsenals of the world. A war….against?….. The enemy had no name and no face. But this boy was a comrade-in-arms, hurt in battle, and Roark stood over him, feeling a strange new thing, a desire to lift him in his arms and carry him to safety… Only the hell and the safety had no known designations….. he kept thinking of Kent Lansing, trying to remember something Kent Lansing has said.”

I love the way it’s been written and I find it so poetic. I finished reading the book 7 years back, but this particular piece of writing is still struck in my head and I like reading it over & over again.

as me how

But then it has always been about me. Hunger & thirst were the only two gifts I carried with my sheer innocence when I rested my head on my Mom’s lap for the first time. I was just a mammal & a helpless poor chuck who knew nothing but crying in despair. Thanks to Mom Dad for realizing my hatredness for this helplessness and they started training me to stand on my own feet & face the life with enough guts & strength. They always took good care of me  … schooling, college, professional study, entertainment & all kind of things they could do for me in the best manner possible. I don’t remember a day when I didn’t smile at all. Over this period of time they added one more armory to my shell & i.e. a Dream/Desire (whatever you call) that pushes me to walk ahead.

*many thanks @DadMom I owe you a lot. It’s an honor to have you in my blood.*

They had strong reasons for everything they suggested me to do. Some reasons sounded logical & convincing and some were lame. As I grew I picked the convincing ones & tactfully ignored the rest. Thankfully, my father was & is very supportive, he showed me a cheering flag to every decision I took for my own life because he found my reasons convincing. The cycle enjoyed its smooth functioning for 24 years. There were principles supported by enough logical reasons for every 360% move it took. Finally I reached to the stage of Complete Independence.. One may like to call it as: SAMPOORN SWARAJ!

But now things are not same as it used to be. I reached the age 24-25 & the same Dad & Mom are now suggesting me to do something without stating me a good reason for the same.. “How about settling down in life, dude? You should get married now.”

Q: why… because it’s the rule of the society we live in, they say

Q: who made those rules & what are the good fucking reasons behind that??? – Ans: Stop this vague argument. You can’t deny to this custom. Get a girl for yourself or we’ll find one for you. I want you to be happy.

Isn’t it strange? How can I be happy doing something I hate to do. I am not really sure they are the same parents who were so supportive for 24 long years. At least I never expected this thing from my Dad who understood me so well. What all i asked is just a simple good reason as to follow the custom (or whatever bulshit it is) that their society has set & they don’t have the answer.

See, I am not against marriage. But I have my own reasons why shouldn’t I get into any commitment.

1. Emotional Support: I don’t need any.

2. Free Sex: I would rather like to buy someone a rich dinner every time I need it

3. No, I am not ready to compromise my independence for someone else’s sake

4. I will not allow someone to take part in the decisions of my own life!

5. I don’t want to be a weekend entertainment package at home.

6. I hate those awful compromises & sacrifices that couples chose to do for each other.

7. And most importantly, how can I fucking live with a single girl throughout life? (Yes, Marriage in our society has set enough compulsory commitments & break-up Complications)

C’mon, all i m asking is a strong logical REASON to take such a step for my life. Hopefully this time when I go home I’ll communicate these things to them….

Dad, I have a good plan for my life. Please let me do it my way. Your son wants to be so big that he & his family never have regrets in life.  I know you care; I’ll take good care of myself. I’ll be happy. After all it’s my life- the objective of which is to surround myself with happiness & the riches of the world. I believe, I love myself more than anyone else does. And I am very sorry; I cannot put myself under any compulsion. Don’t agree? Tell me why.

what say-2

I believe you have read my previous article in this blog. But I got only four comments yaar. If at all you don’t like that, do write my mistakes. Or If you don’t like my name or face….I can’t help. Hahahaa…Jokes apart, here is a summary of a very old but very nice article of Mr Swaminathan (Swaminomics). But I want to warn you that, this article of Mr Swaminathan is a mixture of Gandhigiri and his economics brain.

Bihar is by far the best place in India to grow cane, a water-intensive crop. Bihar has fertile land, heavy rainfall and a high water table that can provide cheap, assured irrigation. Bihar should become the sugar-cane capital of India, producing millions of tones of ethanol. Also Cane is a very profitable crop for farmers, requiring little care and yielding high returns. After cutting, cane grows again, and can be harvested four times before requiring replanting. Cane has made western U.P. prosperous, and could make Bihar rich too.

Bihar, a state which was India’s industrial heartland in the 1950s, boasting the giant Tata complex at Jamshedpur and Dalmia-Jain complex at Rohtas. Bihar enjoyed massive public sector investment (Bokaro steel, Barauni refinery, Sindri and Barauni fertilizer plants, Heavy Engineering Corporation, Mining and Allied Machinery Corporation, coal mines). But Now Bihar is among the poorest, most misgoverned states. More Plan funds or public sector projects are not remedies. No business man wants to invest in Bihar because of the mafia extortion and kidnapping threats. Nothing can be done in against of that. Reason…. Everyone knows, Deplorable governance, Weak institutions and Criminal galore in state legislature & cabinet.

Mr. Swami Nathan suggests…”To make a legitimate business more politically and financially rewarding for the mafia than extortion.”

With oil at $ 70/barrel, ethanol is a cheap substitute for petrol and diesel. Up to 15% ethanol can be mixed with these fuels. Brazil has pioneered vehicles running on pure ethanol, which today costs half as much as petrol. Ethanol is produced in India from molasses, a by-product of sugar. In Brazil, ethanol is also produced directly from sugar cane juice: that, at today’s prices, is more profitable than the sugar-molasses-ethanol route.

But most sugar mills in Bihar are closed. Business conditions have long always been abysmal. Bihari farmers have stopped growing cane because mills lack the money to pay. No business tycoon is ready to fund on mills in a crime-ridden state even though it is a profitable business.

So, who will run ethanol mills successfully in Bihar? Only the mafia can. But first, they must be convinced that they can get more money and votes from ethanol than extortion. The mafia alone can enforce rules, so let them enforce rules for growing cane and converting it to ethanol. Let the robber barons become sugar barons, or ethanol barons. They will do so only if ethanol yields sinful profits. That, happily, seems to be the case with oil at $ 70/barrel. The political dividends look good too. Sugar cane benefits farmers and wins votes.

Isn’t it fantastic idea? How different he thinks. Isn’t it guys? After all he is Mr. Swaminathan, the great ecnomist.

what say?-1


Hey, Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is the bright future of India. Can the following idea be a way to reach there?????????????

I was fascinated by an article “ONE HUGE SEZ” that was in Times Of India’s editorial page. The article says: “…Instead of the special economic zones (SEZs) which are going to be established in India, let us vote to declare the entire nation of India an SEZ: the biggest of its kind in the whole world. First, instead of special customs exemptions for SEZ clients, let the customs department be unilaterally abolished: free trade. Today, Arunachal and Sikkim are tentatively opening trade along their land borders with China. With unilateral free trade, the twin coastlines of India will explode as economic engines. Landlocked cities like Delhi and Bangalore will decline. The entire nation will be a duty-free shopping area. Every shop, even the paanbidi shop, will be a duty-free shop.

Second, as with SEZs, a 15-year tax holiday should be declared for the whole of India, so that all the people can accumulate capital. The primary task of the government in this huge, capitalistic SEZ called India would be to uphold the law; that is, to go after the crooks, murderers, rapists and other ‘outlaws’, leaving all ‘win-win’ traders free, which includes money changers, ganja dealers, bookies, hookers and, most definitely, bar dancers. This will require a small police force under the civic control of the mayors of each Indian city and town: there will now be thousands of them, competing for citizens. Many ‘little leviathans’ instead of this one, big, ugly one. The government should also fund public highways, urban streets and rural roads throughout the entire length and breadth of this huge SEZ as ‘public goods’: that is, ‘collective property’ that all the people can freely use.”

1. To fund roads, police and defense for 15 years, the duration of the tax holiday, the government should privatize each and every asset it owns, including the Railways. We will have liberty, prosperity, civic order, and ‘public goods’ instead of ‘public sector’ (another ‘special interest’) and politics will be compressed to a vanishing point….”
with this i suggest…

2.Every small or big company will invest 10 per cent of their profit in building the infrastructure of any under developed rural area and 5 percent to government for the reserves so that government can provide subsidies. Due to the tax holiday a lot number of companies will come India to invest. So 15 percent profit of each company will mount up trillion of rupees. And I think 15 percent and free trade in exchange of the taxes and many other policies is really a very good deal.

If you see any loop-hole in this idea and if you can suggest some other ideas as well..please feel free to write here.

An Unanswered Question

Some days ago we got an assignment “To write about a thing you wish to have in the future and what is the process you will follow while purchasing the product”. The assignment was submitted in the next lecture as usual by working in the last minute as most MBA guys do. But one question remained in my mind and that is…

“What is that thing (Tangible) I wish to have in the future”, lolzzzzzzzz, I am still confused!


I thought a lot about that. Every time I came out with the common answers i.e. a nice luxury car or a bike or a bungalow. But the answers were not satisfactory. Because whenever I cross questioned my self, my mind went blank. Till now I couldn’t find any answer.

I asked many people about what is that thing they wish to have? The first thing that came into their mind is……… Can you imagine? Yes, the same!!! A nice car or bike or a bungalow…

So I ask you, is a car or a bike or a bungalow so big things, one would wish to have them? Assuming, a car may not be a great thing for higher middle class or high class people. So what would these High Class people desire to have in future, a helicopter! Or a plane! Or an Island!

This question may seem funny to most of us. But ask yourself once, what is that thing you wish to have 10 or 15 years down the line and try to get an honest answer. Please remember “A TANGIBLE thing Not any Experience or Intangible thing and your wish should not be a Fictitious thing.

One more task for you,

Try to be a bit spontaneous and write the first thing that comes into your mind, and not wonder about it and then write. So think about it and write it down quickly without giving a second thought, let’s see how true you are to yourself.

(If you have any problem in writing your wish here, write in a fictitious name. but plz write the honest answer)

know me…



“reality bites…” inspired by one of my friends (Nikhil Arora-“nuanse.wordpress.com”).
Thank You, Niks!

First of all I would like to introduce myself.

I am Debasis Sahu. Now I am doing MBA in AICAR Business School, Mumbai. I have completed B.Sc (Hon.s-Mathematics) in the year 2004-05. I have five years of experience in college politics. Yes, I have complete knowledge on how to enjoy the college life, how to do variety of mischief, how to comment on girls and all kind of non-sense except academics. But as I am quite emotional towards Mathematics, I didn’t find interest studying any other subject. But in my 2nd year of graduation I came across a teacher Mr. Venkat Prasad Padhy (my most favourite), a person whom I respect the most. He not only taught me how to read mathematics but also showed me the right direction of a student’s life. Yes, to understand that it took me more than one year, but at last… Thank you Sir. Also my two best friends-Sudeep Patnaik and Ajit Kumar Behera, who helped me to come out all type of wrong notions and who also helped me to come out of my greatest weakness. Thank you Bapi, Lalu.

Now I am pursuing an MBA degree from a B-School about which I had never thought of earlier. But I have no regret. I am not at all guilty. Because I know I worked hard for the entire 8 month period to get into a B-school of my choice. But….I don’t know why didn’t i succeed? May be I am paying for the things I have done in those 5 years. Okay… forget all this crap. Let’s carry on with what ever I have.

I like listening to music (Old, Ghazals, and Classical). Also I like to play carrom, reading, collecting quotes etc. I hate to be dependent on anyone for anything (Except depending on my father for money and support-atleast for one more year for money…hahahaaa).

P.S. – Special thanks to Pranshu Sharma (pranshu.wordpress.com) who started this blogging chain. WordPress.com should thankful to him, 😉

Pranshu, r u happy now? Yeah, he had complained that I didn’t acknowledge him 😉