I have been running from something, I have been running for something.. all the time. It never escaped me, I never went past it. It has been there in me ever since I learnt to think and it’s still there. But the only difference is now I know what it is. it is the Fear.. It’s this constant Fear I feel in me all the time. Fear of what, Fear for what I didn’t know. I didn’t even know it was ‘Fear’. It took a long time to figure out, there isn’t any particular thing i Fear about.. It’s almost everything. 
Fear of Past, Fear for Future; Fear of Death, Fear for Life; Fear of Today, Fear for Tomorrow; Fear of Failure, Fear for Success; Fear of this, Fear for that.. In short it’s probably, Fear of Self and Fear for Self. 
I don’t know how do i get rid of this Fear.. But i’ll figure this out too.


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