Destruction of Human Rights in the Name of Culture

The Culture vs The Perception

Nothing and Everything


It was indeed a happy day when it was ruled that there is nothing wrong with gay sex. There were millions of people happy not only in India but globally. All of these people were not gay or lesbian; there were scores of straight people as well. The ruling gave a very clear message that the Indian government was for a change ready to move ahead and not blindly follow culture, or what we perceive culture to be.

Now after the ruling today, there are two points I would like to put forward, which reveal the sheer hypocrisy of this ruling.The first one being the difference in ‘culture’, and our perception of culture. They seem like the same thing don’t they? But they aren’t.

What is the root of culture? Where do our notions of culture spring from? Almost every one of you would agree that it is…

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