Indian Psychedelia

Psychedelia is a name given to the subculture of people who use psychedelic drugs;  and a style of Psychedelic artwork and Psychedelic music ; derived from the experience of altered consciousness that uses highly distorted and surreal visuals, sound effects and reverberation, and bright colors and full spectrums and animation to evoke and convey to a viewer or listener the artist’s experience while using such drugs.” #Wikipedia

Whether it is an art or music, I always hunted a psychedelic quotient in songs & the imageries; I am not a drug addict though. It’s jus, I love the trance of music that liberates a state of mind to a different level of exuberance; & I love the abstractness in the arts that hypnotizes the eyes to see a world way above or way deep within. Call it a mind-altering experience.  or call it a WOW experience.

However, by “Indian Psychedelia” I meant the amount of contribution India has to the art work of such stature. Would you believe that the entire Hindu religious belief system has been built on the psychedelic imaginations of ancient saints who once gave birth to the Empire of Gods & Goddesses. I am not kidding, evaluate yourself.

Music: Have you ever heard any classic devotionals or attended any Yangya? If yes, wouldn’t you agree that the chants & the songs written in devotion of these arts have an incredible trance to lift up the human imagination to an extreme? and If No, here is a @youtube link of such devotional classic/ psychedelic trance  –

These kind of music always had a beauty of their own. Be it Vocal or the musical instruments, they grab your concentration from all the things occupied in your mind and leaves you to a state of meditation. It’s a feeling like your mind is diving deep down into a place beyond any world; like your mind has  just opened the door to a musical heaven & to a world- full of happiness & joy. and then, It’s all you & your imagination, who travel through that aromatic experience. You begin to imagine things that you see in yourself in extremes, you begin to see a world-full of life you are flying through. It’s no less a feeling of a bird flying high in the sky. Yes, you can actually see yourself flying over the rainbow, so high. 😉

Not sure if you could relate to what i am talking about, But it’s too hard to pen down the psychedelic experiences. you have to feel it to know it.

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Images: Aren’t the Gods/Goddesses looks like ascendants or descendants of Human being with additional set of heads, hands or legs OR a third eye? Would you disagree that a normal human conscious mind can ever think of images of the deities like – Bramha, Vishnu, Shiva, Kali, Durga, Hanuman, Narasimha etc etc.?

Can you think of any rationale to justify such nature of surrealness? Who had thought of them first? What made them think of such images? Who painted the images first? Who penned down their poems/stories first? What is it they referred to? – Being a normal human being, I simply can’t think of any of their artistic references. I am sure none of us could ever understood them and probably, that is the reason we believe in God and we love listening to their stories & songs – However I am sure there is a sheer appreciation & thankfulness hidden in our subconscious mind for these artistic brilliance.

I am not sure about the kind of drugs the saints used to reach this level of extra ordinary imaginations, but they certainly have left us a bouquet of beautiful art work. And thanks to the stories we now have a fair clarity of the God & the Evil / the Good & the Bad, whatever you prefer to call it as.

Incredible India!


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