The Moral Triology

I just finished reading ‘The Immortals of Meluha’ & ‘The secrets of Naga’ (by Amish) and I just can’t wait for the third book to come. And many of us who had read this book would agree with me.

Said or Unsaid… Believed in or Damned… those were The morals of the society we now live in & they have grown in us since centuries. They were of course passed on to us by our family or society very conveniently, as they have always.

I don’t know how many of us actually got the opportunity to listen to the Vedas & Purans written ages ago, BUt if you get a chance then please do read/ listen to them – They all definitely were beautiful works of fiction and written in a really amazingly imaginative manner. Undoubtedly, they simply were and are the moral-book/ rule-books for the society, written for the greater common good. But being born to this ‘ultra outrageous generation’, I did challenge many of the sayings or morals against all their good intentions & refused to accept any of them without any practical reasons.

Reasons.. Found for some, tried to make sense out of some & the rest are still a mystery to me. But yeah, I would be lying if I said that I didn’t follow any of them; & honestly, can’t complain. But something in me always demanded a definite reason to follow them.

Now here’s a book “Shiva Trilogy”, which is again an amazing imaginative story that touches the very modern beliefs & the morals we have always believed in.

Shiva Trilogy, written beautifully, a great work of fiction… can safely be called as the “New Shiva puran”. Along with “Shiva”, It covers stories of the deities like Kali, Parvati, Ganesha, Karthikay.. The trilogy covers a beautiful storyline that our generation would find & believe a logical flow to it and really could relate with. Surprisingly, it has taken care of the both of side of the coin – Good & Evil to differentiate what we traditionally believed in “Devata” & “Asuras”.

The book, slightly deviating from making Gods out of the story, creates the Legends who have added to the Golden pages of History.  It talks about the two legends that lived to their own Pride – Man & Woman. It had many names – Persons, Beliefs, Communities etc to explain the story, but it always focused on the greatness of the HUMAN BEING, shown in its two forms – MAN & WOMAN, who balanced Good & Evil in their own ways.

& not to forget the most exciting part in this story of Trilogy –

There is one thing which nobody could ever forget about this book, which I think, is the way Amish narrates the seductive appeal of Anandimayi (The Sexy Bitch or The Maneka of ancient Vedas”) & the Gorgeous Sati (The Serene beauty, well known as Parvati).

Never the less, It’s a book on the spoken/ unspoken morals that has grown in us over ages & what explanation we have for those beliefs.

The book itself is so simplified & self-explanatory on its own; I fall short of words to explain them in even simpler form, One got to Read it to Love it. & I bet, you cannot just stop reading once you start. 🙂

Trust me, Amish is the modern day Valmiki!


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