Let me make a confession first –Yes, I always considered it to be a very light beer, almost parallel to water and I always avoided it. Don’t know why but it was an impression I always had since the day I first tasted it & never tried it again in all these 6 years (till last month, to be precise). May be I tried Fosters in an era when Knock Out was widely available & any damn beer tasted light in front of it.  However, now Fosters is one of the brews I love to drink.  j

Fosters’ taste is certainly not the motivation- Bud & Carlsberg are anyway  the undisputed champions in taste in India now & nothing beats them. But Foster is very mild & tastes somewhat like London Pilsner. It’s not great but it’s definitely an easy-to-drink. And the real motivation to have Fosters now is its new innovative packaging. It’s like, people on the move always wished for something like this & here is Fosters, who made their wish come true.

Having a couple of beer is always advisable when on move, but holding the bottle / tin is a real PAIN. Not sure about others, but most of the time I avoided beer just because of the discomfort of holding it right. There are too many of the things you need to take care of –

You open the bottle/tin – You have fear of beer spilling over, so you don’t have an option of keeping it anywhere than holding it till you finish. To skip the pain of holding it straight & without spilling even a drop of this liquid gold, all you think of is to finish the beer quickly – then again you DID NOT actually ENJOY the beer, you just finished it as if it was your responsibility. More importantly, Beer tastes really yuck when had warm and the coolness does not last more than half an hour. And it becomes just another #wtf story.

Anyway, somewhere in the unconscious mind we always wished for a right solution to this, here is the Fosters champion offer is the Plastic Bottled packaging.

Fosters' Plastic bottled packaging

All you have to do is pick up few Fosters 1 ltr bottle & your travel is made. In fact I am planning to carry some on my 36 hours way home and it’s going to be an awesome journey. 😀 Moreover, as we are aware – Plastic is a bad conductor of electricity. So, there is absolutely no fear of beer getting hot. If you have picked up few chilled bottles of FOSTER, you can comfortably enjoy them COLD for at least 5-6 hours. 😀

@Mr Mumbaikar,  what you can probably do is – pick one bottle everyday on your way home from office. You wont complain about traffic & the crowd. 🙂


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  1. Kriti Nagar

    haha.. 😛

    September 11, 2011 at 11:44 PM

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