Echoes of the distant times

They were never so clear. They couldn’t be. They fade in, they fade out. But they are still alive somewhere in the memory pinching the promises made long back. They are still visible in glimpses, they still cling in my ears, laughing & mocking the doings that cannot really be summarized of, Not sure if they are the mirrors of passed times or they are just the nature’s way of vengeance to its destroyers. Their presence was never much appreciated then, but they never left apart walking along in bits & pieces. They surfaced their way along, reigning over the soul.

They were once believed to be Dreams, The future. And, The future is here, but they now remained just as the  ‘Echoes of the distant times’, fading away.  yeah, They sounded great then.   and gradually assembled to a beautiful collage as time passed by. *sigh*

Hell, WHY SO SERIOUS!! They were so good then, they are so good now, No matter if they are in favor or against! Times change, so do things. .. and They change for good! Got to believe it.


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