It was a beautiful morning :D

It’s only 7.30 & I am already up in this beautiful Sunday morning, although I can’t really explain what is so ‘beautiful’ about this morning. But I got to add it, as the adjective makes the “Morning” more expressive and yeah, it sounds so cool, you know. 😉
And since it sounds so cool, I am gonna elaborate on the beauty that my eyes & my mind LEARNT to appreciate. But the dilemma is how cool would I like to sound?!


Should I give it somewhat a poetic touch? …with fancy words that I never understood, what they actually meant.. ;

Or should I look for some cool & high fundu quotes? … which were originally said/used for a situation or even a moment-that I never bothered to really know or understand. Some of them I couldn’t relate with.

Or should I quickly take a picture from my window & explain more about the barely visible view?

Let’s see, I’ll try being cool in MY OWN WAY. (I guess, now I sound super cool :P)
< Yes, I am trying to be a bit funny & humorous by using these emoticons.>

Now coming back to the topic…  “Beautiful Morning”, I’ll try my hands at poetry first.

“There wasn’t any sun,
Yet there was a bright silvery light..

The cold breeze touched the body,
and … (what I wanted to write is, that I got goose bumps because of the cold breeze) 😛

*Naah, I can’t be a poet. Let me try the second cool way.

…But what should I Google for quotes. cant think of any right keywords… Hopeless!! 😐

Okay, Now I am gonna take the easy way out. My Way. 😉

I think, the picture below is very clear & looks sexy. (And I guess, it’s good enough to get some pretentious compliments like “Woaaawww, whatta sexy sight. Lucky dude.” 😛 )

All it I wanted to talk about for so long is the sight of the range of architectural beauty. And honestly I love that sight, much more than any greener stuff (except the green smokes.  ;P ) that nature has to offer. Yet again, I cannot write a ‘Poetry of Bricks & Mortar’, But it’s, you know, the feel good factor I am talking about. But why… I don’t know how to explain.. Needless to say, the materialistic architecture is a profound amalgamation of the artistic taste and the principles science has to offer. And of course, I cannot expect myself to write neither on the structural lines of architecture, nor on the artistic beauty.

But doesn’t it feel good to see the long range of buildings. It’s just like the history that defined the beauty for the long range of mountains, seas, rivers, forests, clouds etc. I am not sure what they meant, but doesn’t this range of tall buildings look like a dream? The city they built was never planned, yet they look in order. They are in different structure, and are of different colors, yet they emerge to look beautifully stacked & organized. As one may define them, in short, they are the handsome future of yesterday.
Keeping aside the scientific intelligence and the artistic brilliance, which is not even clearly visible, the sight of this materialistic structure just inspires me a lot & touches upon the senses that make me believe in the unorganized yet beautiful future ahead and I feel so awesome about it. 😛

They say, “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”. This Sunday morning, I stopped to look around how green the valley is. I am glad I didn’t miss it!!

Kya koool hain hum.. 😛 hahah


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