Dont you have a relative?

“Dont you have a relative?”, the question that i must have faced a minimum of 100 times, not by 100 different people but by some 8-10 nurses/Docs in a span of 8-10 days.

before you wonder let me tell you, No, I am not an orphan. It’s just, I stay very far from my parents & for some reason they couldnot reach me in the hospital.  That’s ok.

Coming back to the topic, It was around 11 in the night that day, I gained my senses back after 5-6 hours of unconsciousness due to anesthesia and the next 24-25 hours was an experience that  i can never probably forget.

just give you a gist of the pain,  can you imagine how it feels, when someone stabs your knee with a dumbbells again & again, crashes it & leaves you alone somewhere in an unknown place? The surgical pain in the knee was something such kind. As soon as i woke up, I screamed in pain asking for some pain relief & some sleeping pills that will make me unconscious again and I wont have to feel the pain.

The nurse in the operation theater appeared and the 1st question she asked me “Dont you have a relative?”

WHat the Fu… No, I dont have anyone. can you give me a sleeping pill & some pain relief please?

Then after consulting with a doc she gave me some pain relief, which was next to nothing against the pain. Every time I called her, she asked me the same question again & again in a span of half an hour. Thankfully, I was brought back to my bed, It was about 12 then. and of course, I was dreaming for a sleeping pill all my way.  But you know, some dreams don’t come true. Shit happens!!

The visitors in the neighbour bed came over seeing me in pain, and asks “Beta, tumhara koi relative nahin hai kya?”. I was almost pissed off that time & started yelling at.. dont know who, probably at every nurses around.

Like a beggar, the whole night & the whole day I was begging for a sleeping pill and all i got in return is, “Dont you have a relative?”. on top of that, The 2-3 nurses who served in the ward, never missed a chance to make me realize that I dont have a relative and I am alone and helpless fucker, So you better shut your mouth & take the pain. Everytime they showed up, they asked the same question. huh, I was almost fed up answering that question so many times. But more the question, all I could dream & think of, is a sleeping pill that time.

you know something, majboori sabkuch sikha deti hai. gaand me jab aag lagi hoti hai, paani dhundne rasta apne aap nikal aata hai.

Yes, I learnt to ignore the pain by evening somehow. It was, infact, an inner motivation & my ego, I would say, that helped me a lot. The question actually worked like a command over my head. you know, how it feels to let your mind to be slave of some other stupid command. ya, Gradually I was able to zip my scream and divert my mind to the question with extreme anger so that my temper could take over my mind completely. The evening was somewhat better. As expected and believed, as the night grew, the medicines worked and I felt a sense of relief & slept for few hours out of tiredness. finally. *Sigh!!

&  obviously, 😀  I was so happy the next day & proud of myself for having such bad temper in me. Bad temper, is something that they always suggested me not to have, But it worked magical for me that day.

Anyway, Now i dont have any compain against any of those nurses or anyone. Afterall, they are not my servants to listen my every order. They had their own resposibilty to serve me the medicine exactly in the manner that is prescribed, for the good. They became good ‘sisters’ afterwords. ;-). As of today, I have made lots of relatives there; some brothers (house keeping staff) & sisters (not all nurses, some flirt with their patients :P), who dont forget to say hello to me, everytime they visit the ward. hahahah.

P.S.: I donot expect anykind of pitiness on me. Please dont put your expressive comments like.. awww.. how poor.. or anything such. In fact I am not expecting any comments either! I just felt like sharing the incident in my blog, as I don’t have anything better to do here day along. 😉


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  1. Kriti

    Shut up :p

    March 14, 2011 at 12:31 PM

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