death of NDA can bring BJP back

death of NDA can bring BJP back…I mean it

Sudheendra Kulkarni says, “Sonia Gandhi & Rahul made an essentially weak PM like Dr Manmohan Singh look strong by backing him solidly…the BJP & the Sangh Parivaar made a strong leader like L K Advani whose contribution to the growth of the party is enormous, look weak, helpless and not fully in command..” How true he is…

In fact, it has been known more as a Vajpayee Party or the Sangh Parivaar, that has weakened the image of BJP. There is no doubt that Honorable Vajpayeejee was incredibly upright when leading the Party & the Coalition. But who’s after him? Did he ever realize or failed outright in giving the BJP his successor, this does put a question mark over his leadership. L K Advani…He is a powerful persona (even heftier than any Gandhi) in backing someone but not standing upfront. Rajnath Singh…I wish he discovers himself soon. Sangh Parivaar… no comments…all I can say is their mouth stinks.

Yes, Lack of upright leaders is one of those many reasons of its hapless performance in last two elections. The actual defeat of BJP, not The Elections, it is the failure in sprucing up its own image.  Restlessness to get the position, running behind Coalitions, hatredness & babbling futile arguments…all they did was they made an ass of themselves. There was no Lotus they could sell. They showed up as if they are beating around the bush, there was hardly any clarity in their plans & hardly any confidence in their speeches…huh! It did stink like shit. History witnesses how the last decade was messed up by some crazy bastards’ misery & restiveness for power/position. Please don’t let it repeat again.

(Similar kinda story was seen for one more admirable party too & that’s Siva Sena. Bal Thakrey, for some reason, failed to handover the position to the right man & we all know the result. India is going to see two more similar stories if they fail to give birth to the right child…One is Narendra Modi Govt & Lalu Prasad  Yadav the other)

Congress, as much as I hate them, I must appreciate the way they have built themselves in all these years. They never failed to tell a convincing story to people. If it was anything they flagged up then it was only about Congress & Gandhi family. There can’t be two lions in a forest; perhaps the Congress-Gandhi family had realized it long time ago. There can be only one king on the top & the successor belongs to the same family. Look at history no one from Gandhi family have ever sat on the top with a coalition government. In the last UPA rule, it seemed that Advani’s revolt stopped Sonia Gandhi taking the position, rather I am sure, and she saved her family image not accepting the Shared position. That is the dignity of a ruler.

If it has to be anything then that’s One Man Rule/ One Family Rule & believe me that is what works in India.

Anyway guys, the game is over for this election. But there is still a hope for the next time. you could be back with a larger force. With however little knowledge I have about politics, I think the necessary steps for you now would be:

1. Finding out the reasons – where did you go wrong and how could you overcome the defeat & who would be the bunch of right people for the party who could turn the world. May be an extensive Market Research could help you.

2. Instead of playing diplomatic games, Advani should step out from as a party chief, its time for him to find & promote a right successor & backing him with full strength.

3. Party workers: your resignations & your Public interviews, confessions…all that shit sound like you were the only right asshole over there who just woke up  & narrating about all the fucking nightmares you had…Honestly, It will be of no help for the party. Please help that old man getting out of this shit & apply your intelligence on building the party’s future.

& most importantly,
4. Time for NDA to die: You see when you were busy finding alliances, congress was sowing its own seeds. It’s high time now not to run after those shity alliances. You trusted TDP, you trusted BJD…what came out? They turned out be the lousy bastards who couldn’t even stand with when you were in difficulty rather they did hit you where it hurts the most. They just showed up their fucking ass & wanted you to lick it. You should have left them after 2004 election itself. Anyway It’s not too late, fuck it now. fuck all the bloody alliances you had. just fuck it & dig up the Ponds everywhere so as to let the LOTUS blossom. I am sure this beautiful flower would be the centre of attraction in the next election. All I say is, its not NDA its the – BJP is the word that should be flagged up.

though i have a different dream…I wish, I could gather all my guts & courage to go back to my place in next two-three years & join politics… BJP Zindabad!


4 responses

  1. Shivangi

    Like BJP’s non-existent election agenda your reasons are also hollow. You have to make a stronger point and give more detail. This is very vague, and I’m sure there is no word limit here.

    June 26, 2009 at 11:00 AM

    • Debasis

      @ Miss SS, All i have explained here is abt the disorganized way of living of BJP which needs to be organized a bit..cant help it, if you failed to understand tht and abt the word limit…i wud say it goes with the tone ..neway appreciate ur honesty.:P

      June 26, 2009 at 11:37 AM

  2. Some points to be considered are its defensive act rather being in attackin position. they just opposed whatevr congress said and their was nothing of their own (Except Gujrat and Bihar) and this was also a huge mistake for which they paid at last. They haven’t been in rule all alone but if they try they could make it but I don’t think without the support of Sangh, coz they have come up as a hindu political party this elections and if they kick them out of their group I guess their condition will be similar to the Dog (Kutta jo na ghar ka raha na ghat ka). they got defeat in states where they could have made it but they didn’t because of their own deeds. if they want to come into power they have to do and not jus say…

    June 26, 2009 at 3:03 PM

  3. piyush singh

    kya debu .. bawla ho gya hai … just have a bottle of whisky nd chill

    June 27, 2009 at 12:47 AM

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