(I Smiled)! 26/11/08 was an another holiday…

Don’t know…It was a 9/11 or the biggest terror attack ever,
Don’t know …who got benefited.. Media or The terrorists,
But I had another holiday.

Don’t know…It was a fear-provoking cry or an irksome symphony,
Don’t know…it was a misfortune for few or blessing for many,
But the dramatic presentation of News did entertain me.

Don’t know…what made me to mail & Sms my pretentious concerns
Don’t know…Gossips & useless discussions certified my smartass or not,
But I did enjoy doing that

Don’t know…what did I demand for-Peace or a war with Pakistan
Don’t know…who did I question to– the System or to myself
But I am happy, I am safe from all side

Don’t know…it was a Wednesday or a Thursday,
Don’t know…It was a black or a bright day,
But I Thank god, it wasn’t a dry day

“D” wish:RGV & Anurag Kashyap make a movie of it & but unique of its kind…I know, I am gonna enjoy the movie

Who died, who suffered, who cried….fuck’em all..let’s get back to work


One response

  1. hmmm….quite thought provoking!!!
    But dude the need of the hour is to convert these innumerable thoughts into action!!!
    Deep in our hearts we all wish we had a magic wand to snap dis string of barbarism that is continuously scratchin the sore in our hearts and minds to give unsaid pain.
    We plan a lot….but somewhere fail to execute.

    Anyway..nice post:)

    April 16, 2009 at 7:52 PM

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