I have just finished reading the book “The Godfather”. Don’t worry, I am not going to narrate the story or going to tell you about the greatness of this book. I believe we all know about “The Godfather”. The essence of this post is, well, it may seem a little weird – “DON GANDHI OR MAHATMA CORLEONE???” Nope, I am not going to criticize Mr M. K. Gandhi, no, that is not my purpose, at least right now.

As soon as I finished the book I started analysing the traits, character and the leadership qualities of Mr. Vito Andolini Corleone, whom we know as The Godfather. On of a sudden, a thought popped up in my mind which I have penned down here. It was a comparison of Mr. Corleone with Mr. Gandhi, father of our nation.

(i) Both of them were those rarities; who had refused to accept the rule of the organized society, men who refused to the dominion of other men. There was no force, no mortal man who could bend them their wills unless they wished it. They both were men who guarded their free will with wiles and murder. Their wills could be subverted only by death or the utmost reasonableness.

(ii) Both of them had one goal which arose from contempt for any authority and dictatorship, hatred for any man who exploited the law of silence. Mr. Corleone sprang upto fight against the rules that had crushed the country and its people for centuries. So as Mr. Gandhi did against the British rulers. Both of them chose peaceful ways, but there were loss of countless human lives, some way or the other, which unwantingly both of the leaders had to bear.

(iii) Both of them served the purpose of their own life peacefully. They ruled as informal leaders over millions and billions. Both of them were powerful speakers. Words were the only weapon they were armed with. Their speeches were as subtle and discreet as they could be.

(iv) Mr. Gandhi was a freedom fighter for our nation who worshiped non-violence to maintain a peaceful operation towards the goal. Mr. Corleone, the most powerful underworld mafia at his time handled all his operations and was able to maintain peace in underworld so that the common man lived in peace. Both of them never let anyone exploit the innocent.

(v) Rules of dominant society condemned them to a life not suitable to a man like them. They were the men of extraordinary force and character. There were hurdles, there were conflicts, but nothing could stop them.

There are no difference between these two rebels. But we see both in different perspectives, stamped in two different designations – Mr. Corleone as DON and Mr. Gandhi as Mahatma. So can I conclude that there is no difference between the words DON and MAHATMA against all dictionaries?

So Don Gandhi or Mahatma Corleone???
Perhaps both were Godfathers to many…


2 responses

  1. namitoj


    to quote anonymous – “books r borrowed thoughts”. when Mario puzo wrote Godfather, he was not revealing the traits of a living person, it was his thoughts of a person who dictated his own life. these thoughts would in all probability be influenced by the revolutionaries/rebels of his time.

    firstly you cant compare a work of ifction with a living legend. though i m not a supporter of gandhi and i still feel he was more of a politician than a freedom fighter but his acts cannot be compared to those of a non- entity.

    GODFATHER did not exist. nor his actions ever.

    December 31, 2007 at 1:32 PM

  2. pranav

    It is very tough task to compare to real persons..two artists, two cricket players..
    you did a gr8 work to compare a living legend with an imaginary character of a great novel…
    and it is common for any underworld don tht behind his each peace, thr is hidden violence..like don Corleone..
    anyhow u fucked image of Gandhi very briliantly nd diplomaticaly nd m sure tht very few will kno tht…wish u luck for ur writing..

    January 3, 2008 at 8:12 PM

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