These are the two most interesting stories I have ever heard in my life.

1. Rajdhani Express, Mumbai to Delhi; 60 Britishers in one bogey. Sitting silently. Everyone was with their own works. After about an hour a kind of noise broke down the silence. It was coming from the bogey next to them. A few of them went to have a look and found it to be full of Indians. They asked the T.T.E. to get them to shut up. The T.T.E. told them “They are Indians. In India people love to make social bonds even with a stranger. Here people live for each other. It is a country of dedication, love, and brotherhood”.

2. A conversation between fisher man and his son

Son: Tomorrow we are going to earn a hell lot of money
Father: yeah, we have a basketful of crabs today
Son: look father! These Crabs are very active. They are playing
Father: hahaha!! My dear son, they are not playing. Some are trying to come out of the basket and the others are pulling them down. These are Indian origin.


Stories are made By the Indians, For the Indians. So contradicting stories!!! isn’t it something to Laugh Out Loud.
Probably, the biggest problem we are facing is “Identity Crisis”.

“We are; Indifferent to Sunrise, Hate the Noon Sun, Enjoy the Sunset”


4 responses

  1. pardeep

    both the stories are contradictory…….but at the same time, both are true……indians are good in social networking no doubt about that….but thay are bad team players and cant let any body rise up…..

    September 23, 2007 at 5:43 AM

  2. i dont know whether my comment is apt in aaccordance to ur article or not .. but still i wanna write tht .. pardon me if its useless 😉

    haha ,very true wateva uve written stories stories and stories…
    m able to resuscitate a very famous tautological squib from a ghazal (jagjit singh )
    it goes like this:
    Jagjit singh’s freind banta singh is coming on the horse and when he comes closer …. JS asks banta singh … ” banta singh ji , where is your horse ?”
    BS says ” yaar ghode pe to main baitha hoon ?”
    JS says ” phir bhi poochne main kya harz hai … ”

    the crux is we have got tons of things to talk about even if we have nothing to talk abt [;)]

    i always keep on saying … we indians 90% of times always like to think about what the other guy is doing , what he wants to do .. what he does right or wrong … ……… well if we can use 50% of that 90% in thinking about ourself we can do wonders , lol … right nah ?

    September 23, 2007 at 9:16 PM

  3. rahul

    that was gud one to here but do u think these problems can be taken out or thrown out from india social networking is some thing gud that indian do but that also to some extent excess of it can create blunders….abt the other one is that v do pull people down but that is for personal benifit so i dont think even thats wrong as in this compitative world every 1 want 2 reach at the top and rem there is only 1 person who can reach there hence 2 pull other down for the same cause is ok…

    September 24, 2007 at 4:33 AM

  4. we just talk so much about our country … we are always in love with it … yes the people here are strange and always contradicting in thoughts and habits …. i guess this is the beauty of this country

    September 25, 2007 at 5:00 PM

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